Building your dream custom home on a sloping block – what to be aware of

Specialists in building on a sloping block

If you’re looking to purchase a block of land in Melbourne, you’d be aware that a sloping block can be more difficult – and more expensive – to build on.

On the flip side, a sloping block also has plenty of benefits allowing you to create your dream home with some exciting features unique to building on a slope.

When you choose a custom builder with the experience and background of building quality homes on sloping blocks, the finished results can be quite spectacular.

Benefits of building on a sloping block

Often nestled in stunning, natural surroundings with high elevation, a sloping block offers the opportunity to create a custom home that takes advantage of a view and offers plenty of natural light and ventilation.

Add to the fact that you can enjoy more sun; you can take advantage of solar panels to lower your carbon footprint and save on energy costs.

Moving away from a conventional flat block with no elevation isn’t always the necessary choice when you have engaged a builder that understands how to build a quality home on a sloping or difficult block.

Types of sloping blocks

There are a range of ways a block can slope, so you should be aware of what you are considering buying.

Slopes can consist of a block sloping up, sloping down, having a cross fall or a having a combination of a cross fall and a slope.

Most of the time, sloping blocks offers the opportunity for a split-level or multi level home as well as options for a backyard with block walls or terracing to take advantage of the block and use as much of it as possible for outdoor areas, pool areas and terraces.

While you might be wary of a sloping block as long as you consider the tips below, you might be in the market for creating a spectacular and unique property that will be the envy of all your neighbours.

Things to consider when building on a sloping block

Elements you might need to consider when you are exploring the idea of a property on a sloping block or a build on a difficult to access block include:

Site Analysis

A sloping site will require a site analysis. The site analysis is the underpinning element of a sloping block as it helps to inform the builder of drainage corridors, slippage issues, and, importantly, the gradient and direction of the slope.

Retaining walls

While they aren’t always a beautiful addition to a property, retaining walls are essential in some sloping blocks. The cost of retaining walls can be considerable, so you should explore the slope of the block to understand if you need to add retaining walls to your build budget.

Additional fill

Often when you are building split level or sloping block homes you may need to remove fill or add clean fill, consider this in your build and planning for your home as well. Also, consider drainable and services such as electricity when you are planning for your sloping block home design.

Waterproofing and underground walls

When your block is on a slope you are exposed to the elements and the run off of water down a slope, so you should put aside some budget for waterproofing and any underground walls that might need to be constructed.

Soil tests

A with other sites, you will also need to conduct a soil test to ensure you understand the type of soil you will need to build on. The soil will determine the stability, and what type of engineering is required for a safe and sturdy building. On top of this, the soil properties will reveal potential risks to consider and any additional costs you might need to incorporate in your build.

You can speak with your builder to find out more about what to consider when building on a sloping block, or have a chat with your local council to get a clear understanding of what you need to be across before jumping in on your sloping block build.

Where to go from here

The important thing for a sloping block is to engage a builder that has the background and experience crafting homes on sloping sites, as it is a unique and specific style of building.

Invite potential builders to walk around the potential block with you and get a feeling for the contour and also what you have in mind for the design to get an understanding of the concerns you might need to be aware of and also anything you might need to be aware of when building on the slope.

With so many exciting possibilities for sloping block design and features in sloping block construction, the added cost to build on a sloping block can wind up adding considerable value to your home.

Choosing the right builder is the key for building your dream home, and to get a feel for whether the builder is a good fit, ask to see some examples of sloping block homes they have crafted in the past.

Spring Homes and our professional team have the skills and experience to face the challenges posed by sloping blocks. We specialise in sloping blocks, and can craft the perfect custom home in Melbourne to meet your needs.

Interested in a quote for your upcoming sloping residential building project? Speak with the Spring Homes team today to arrange an obligation-free quote.

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